Measuring and Improving
Emotional Health and Well-being

Importing Participants to Motional

As well as you being able to add Participants one by one in Motional we offer a bulk upload service. What we need We can take a file in CSV or XML format which we’ll then convert and securely upload into your Team account for you. Right now, the details that need to be included … Continued

How to Create a New Group

There are a couple of different ways to create a Group. One way starts from the Participants screen – use the select boxes to choose which Participants will make up this group, then click on the “Create Group” button. The other way is to start from the Groups screen and click New Group. (this button … Continued

Back to school guide

We know that the start of term can be a bit overwhelming and that warm summer evenings sipping G&Ts next to the BBQ can feel like a distant memory! So to help in the back to school chaos, we’ve mapped out the various things you’ll want to think about to prepare yourself for the new … Continued

What is Motional and how does it work?

Motional measures different emotional systems in the brain (CARE, SEEKING, PLAY, FEAR, RAGE, PANIC/GRIEF based on prof Jaak Panksepp’s work) and several key executive function skills (handling stress, thinking & concentration, confidence & self-esteem, interpersonal skills, and emotional literacy – written by Dr Margot Sunderland) to give a whole brain picture of a child’s emotional … Continued

Snapshots – add new vs edit existing

When should you use the “Edit Snapshot” button, and when should you start a new one. We often get asked whether you should start a new Snapshot or edit an old one. The answer is simple – the edit Snapshot button (shown in orange above) should only be used in one of two circumstances: You … Continued

What to do after you’ve done a Snapshot

Doing a Snapshot is just the first step in the Motional Process. Find out here what you could/should do next. After you’ve taken a Snapshot, you’ll get a results page which shows you how active (or under/over-active) each of the 11 systems are. This is useful information by itself in terms of getting a ‘whole-brain’ … Continued

Receiving emails from Motional when you use Office 365

We started noticing a few users complaining that whenever they requested a password reset link (and this affects new users setting their passwords for the first time as well) the email would arrive, but the link wouldn’t work. I pulled lots of hair out before noticing that in one email a user had forwarded to … Continued