Measuring and Improving
Emotional Health and Well-being

Welcome to Motional!

Hi 🙂 It’s great to have you onboard.

We have some great plans for Motional, and I’m keen to hear your feedback on what works for you and what changes you’d like to see. I can’t promise we’ll implement all of them, but I do promise we’ll read all the feedback – this is YOUR tool, so let’s make it as good and as useful as possible.

Motional is under constant development, but don’t worry – we’ll let you know when there are going to be any big changes, and we’ll make sure to do them at a convenient time for you guys.

We’ve tried to prioritise security and simplicity for now, and hopefully you’ll like where we’re going.

All the best,

Recent Updates

There will be some maintenance performed on our London servers overnight on 26th March 2019. We suggest you take the evening off and don’t use Motional from 8pm to 4am UK time.

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We want you to be completely in the loop about what we’re working on, so below is a list of things that we’re beavering away on at the moment.  Please keep your feedback coming and don’t be shy about letting us know (via the pink circle) about any improvements, tweaks or new features that you’d … Continued

Over the Summer Neil has been busy making changes to the site in an attempt to speed things up a little.  If you’re like me (a non-developer) then the “what and how” bit of this will go completely over your head!  All we really need to understand is that things should seem a lot quicker … Continued

We’ve added the option to exclude the results from Group Snapshots when you create a Report for an individual Participant.  You’ll find it as a tick box directly below the ‘Select Participant’ drop-down.

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Popular Downloads

A number of you have been asking for a full list of resources for the Program activities, so that you can get organised with all the things you might need!  Here it is as an excel spreadsheet, with the relevant system that the activity targets so you can sort and filter as you wish! Hat … Continued

Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.
Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

You may have seen in the Participant Profile screen that there’s a checkbox called “consent to share data to HeadStart”. Some Teams (only in Cornwall) are funded by HeadStart Kernow. As part of this funding, HeadStart would like to pass certain data on to their research team. They are asking for explicit consent for this … Continued

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