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Back to school guide

We know that the start of term can be a bit overwhelming and that warm summer evenings sipping G&Ts next to the BBQ can feel like a distant memory! So to help in the back to school chaos, we’ve mapped out the various things you’ll want to think about to prepare yourself for the new academic year on Motional:

Changes to Participants

Make sure you’re ready to go with Snapshots by updating your list of Participants.

If we imported your Participants to begin with then we can help you again to update your list for the coming academic year. Just provide us with a new list (our article on importing Participants explains what details we need), including any new starters and with those who have left not included on the list, and we’ll sort it all out for you.

If you’re doing this yourself, you’ll be able to add any new Participants using the ‘New Participant’ function within the Participants page. At the moment you won’t be able to delete Participants (that’s a new feature coming soon), so just drop us a list via the pink circle and we’ll do this for you.

Changes to Groups

You’ll want to make sure your Groups are all up to date too so that you can get started on your Group Snapshots.

There are various different scenarios where changes to your Groups might be needed, and it’s important to get this right so that you can continue to get the best out of Motional’s clever Reporting tool. You can read more in our Groups FAQs article to work out which scenarios apply to you and what you need to do to get organised.

Changes to Team members

The designated Team Admin for your account will need to review your list of Team members and let us know about any changes

If you’re not sure who the Team Admin is for your account you’ll find them listed here! This is a good time as a Team to consider whether we have the best person listed here, or whether you would like to change this – just let us know via the pink circle if this is the case. We can only add one person as the Team Admin and they’ll be in charge of authorising adding new Team members to your account (as well as essentially being responsible for your Team’s data).

Ask your Team Admin to let us know via the pink circle about any Team members who are not with you any more (and therefore need to be removed from your account) and any new ones they’d like to add. We’ll just need their name, email address and job title to get them set up.

Processor Agreement

Make sure you’ve completed and downloaded your Team’s Processor Agreement

The new General Data Protection Regulations from the EU came in to force in May this year. Schools and similar organisations are classed as Data Controllers, and companies like us are Data Processors. Your organisation has to show you’ve thought about Data Protection and Privacy, and that you have contracts in place with any Processors you use. We make it really easy to do – there’s a form where you fill in the name and email address of your Data Protection Officer and we email you and them a signed copy of a Processor Agreement with us.

Consent to share data (Headstart Teams only)

Don’t forget to download and send out any consent forms for sharing data with Headstart

One of the requirements for the Big Lottery / Headstart funding is that Headstart carry out an evaluation of the project. In order to do this, they need data which they can only get with your help! For more details on the data sharing consent form and to download a copy check out the Downloads section on your Dashboard, or look through the Downloads section on the left of this post.

And finally…

Catch up with what’s been going on at Motional HQ over the Summer

No, we don’t mean all of our Summer holiday snaps! We’ve also been hard at work making changes to the site to make it quicker and better, as well as adding some new useful features to make your life a little easier. You can view a list of changes in our Software Updates section on the left.