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How to Create a New Group

There are a couple of different ways to create a Group. One way starts from the Participants screen – use the select boxes to choose which Participants will make up this group, then click on the “Create Group” button. The other way is to start from the Groups screen and click New Group. (this button works by the way – click it now to go ahead and create a group…) You’ll be able to name the group and then add Participants to it.

You can also check the Group doesn’t already exist as it’s not currently possible to delete a Group yourself. You can check by looking at the Groups page. There is a simple and super speedy search option at the top right of the table to help you.

From Participants screen

On the green menu bar at the top of the page, click Participants.

In the Participants table you will be able to select the Participants you want to include in your Group by ticking the box to the left of their name. You may find it helpful to use the sort or search facilities to locate each Participant. The ones you have checked will stay checked while you search for a different participant.

To Sort Participants, click on the column header that you want to sort by. For instance, you may like to sort by year group.

To Search Participants, click on the search box at the top right of the table and start typing the name of the Participant you’re looking for. You can then select this participant by ticking the box to the left of their name. Don’t forget you’ll need to delete what’s in the search box to get back to the full table of Participants, or start typing another name to search for the next one. The ones you have already checked will stay checked while you search for a different participant.

Once you are sure you’ve included all of your Participants by ticking the box next to the left of each of their names, click on the Create Group link at the top left of the table. If you do miss any out you can add them in during the next step.

Give your Group a name – we suggest you make this something easily recognisable by you and others in your Team to avoid Groups being created more than once by mistake.

Before you click Save you can double check you have everyone you need to include in this Group by looking at the list of Participants, and checking that the Total Participants number is as you’d expect. You can add or remove Participants at this stage as well.

Then click Save Changes to finish creating your new Group. It’ll show up in your list of Groups