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Adding New Participants

Follow the easy steps below to add a new Participant.

Don’t forget…
If you are adding every child in your Team you can take advantage of our free setup service and we’ll add them all for you, as well as setting up your Team’s Members (if you haven’t already done this)!

Step 1

From the green navigation bar at the top of the page, click Participants. This will take you to the Participants page where you can view existing Participants, edit a Participant and create a new Participant.

Screen Shot showing the Participants link on the green nav bar

Step 2

From the Participants screen, click on the New Participant button on the right hand side

Step 3

Fill in the details for your new Participant:

  • Team: The majority of users will only be assigned to one Team and this will be the only available option in the Team drop-down. If you do happen to be assigned to more than one Team, make sure you are working in the correct Team and it is showing here. If you remove the team, the participant will disappear from your account and drop into the archive. Let us know in the Pink Circle if it was an accident!
  • First Name, Last Name & Gender: These should all be self explanatory! But it’s worth checking that full names are being used, correctly spelt, to reduce the chance of accidental duplications.
  • Email: The email address field within this form is optional. We’re thinking of future plans here where they may be an option for older students to log in themselves. You can either fill this in now in case it’s needed later or, of course, you can leave it blank and deal with this at a later date.
  • DOBThis field isn’t forced, but we strongly recommend that you fill this in as it helps in identifying the child or young person (in cases where there may be more than one child with the same name) and it is also used to work out which year group they are in. If you do choose to leave this blank, please be aware that some of the sorting facility within the Participants and Reporting functions will not work.
  • Participant types: This section of the form links to the advanced reporting option (coming soon!), which allows you to easily create reports for specified groups. We’ve added the main tags which we think users might need, but if there are any missing here please let us know and we can add them in a few clicks!
  • Save Changes: Don’t forget to click the button at the bottom right of this form to make sure your new Participant is saved. Once you have done this you can return to the Participants screen by selecting this page from the green menu bar at the top of the page. Your new Participant will now be listed in the Participants table and you can locate them by using the sort or search facility.

Next Steps

Now you have created your new Participant, you can Add them to a group or start a New Snapshot.