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Do you collect UPN Numbers?

Yes, we do (now).

I’ve thought long and hard about using UPN numbers and poured over this DfE document several times looking for answers. When Motional first launched we weren’t collecting UPNs. My reasons were that we didn’t have authority to ask for them, and therefore it wouldn’t be lawful to hold them.

I’ve changed my opinion on this. And we are now collecting UPNs from new teams we set up. I’ll make sure there’s an easy way for Teams who’ve already uploaded their participants to add in the UPN numbers. Probably at the same time as we fully implement the Participant Taxonomies and we’ll send you a template report to run so we can grab it all in one go.

The main motivation for this change was HeadStart. They need to evaluate the impact and usage of Trauma-Informed Schools + Motional. As part of that research, we have to provide them with details of how many Participants, Teams, Users, Snapshots, Programs etc are being done. And also for any Comprehensive Snapshot (and/or Program if one is done) we have to pass on the Participant’s details to HeadStart Kernow who in turn share some of that with HeadStart HQ.

As part of the LEA, HeadStart Kernow has the right to collect and use UPN numbers. As a private company, we can only store/use them if certain criteria are met.

Here are some choice snippets from the document linked above:

2.1 “the UPN must be a ‘blind number’ not an automatic adjunct to a pupil’s name”

So we will never print the UPN number on screen or in Snapshots or Programs. We’ll only ever use it for import/export to make sure we don’t have duplicate records.

2.2 “For example, it will be permissible to use the UPN in situations where a school has a
contractual agreement with a third party service provider, such as:
• a provider of a management information system
• a provider of additional packages supporting schools with the management of a
pupil’s education including – but not limited to – packages supporting pupil
attainment, assessments, attendance and registration”

This is where we come in – Motional is the third party service provider acting as data processor on your behalf.