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Importing Participants to Motional

As well as you being able to add Participants one by one in Motional we offer a bulk upload service.

What we need

We can take a file in CSV or XLS format which we’ll then convert and securely upload into your Team account for you. Right now, the details that need to be included in that file are:

  • UPN
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • DoB (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Gender

Download CSV Template

How to create it

Most MIS or Pupil management software packages will give you an export option, with a few different file type options. Choose the .csv one if it’s offered. If you have a spreadsheet you’ll be able to save that as a .csv file as well.

How to send it

There are several options for getting the file to us. The best mix of speed and security is to use the file upload in the pink circle. Click on the pink circle (go ahead and try it now – it’s just down in the bottom right of your screen), choose new conversation, then you’ll see a paperclip icon. Click that and you can select a file from your computer or network. This will encrypt it, send it to us, and then we can deal with it very quickly.

You could also use Egress Switch to encrypt the file at your end and then send us the Switch package to This takes a bit longer for us to do but may give you some extra peace of mind.

We aim to get your Participants uploaded into your Team within two days of receiving the file, but usually it’s within hours. If the file is not in the correct format or requires tidying it may take longer (things like separating full name into first name and last name, converting DoB written as text to dd/mm/yyyy, and so on). See our template file above for an example of how should be laid out.

We’ll send you a quick message to let you know once it’s done, and then you’re all set to start taking Snapshots and making Programs!