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Snapshots – add new vs edit existing

When should you use the “Edit Snapshot” button, and when should you start a new one.

We often get asked whether you should start a new Snapshot or edit an old one.

Screenshot showing the button to edit a Snapshot

The answer is simple – the edit Snapshot button (shown in orange above) should only be used in one of two circumstances:

  1. You didn’t complete the Snapshot. Either you got called away (for whatever reason – fire alarms, meetings and “dinner’s ready” have all been cited as reasons people couldn’t finish in one go) or you hit the “save” button too soon and were taken to an incomplete set of results. Use the edit button to go back in and finish off.
  2. There was a mistake in any of the answers given, and you need to correct them.

In any other situation I can think of it’s better to do another Snapshot rather than edit an old one.

When we come to view the progress that has been made, that can only happen if there is more than one Snapshot to compare. If you’ve edited an old one, that’s still only one Snapshot, even though you’ve filled it out twice.

Make sense? As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the pink circle 🙂