Measuring and Improving
Emotional Health and Well-being

Motional Version 1.1

We now officially have a version number for this update – 1.1! For the geeks amongst you, we will be following semantic versioning¬†principles. This will be important in the future, but for now all you need to know is that we’ll be updating things regularly, and you’ll know which version we’re on because it’ll show up in the footer (at some point).

So what’s new in 1.1?
  1. Reporting
    • Our Reporting feature is now live for everyone! Thanks for your patience on this. It’s pretty cool in my opinion, but it’s your’s that counts, so please do feedback with your thoughts, comments and wishes. I’ll be recording a demo to explain all the functions in detail, but feel free to have a play ūüôā
  2. Save and Continue Snapshots (aka¬†That pesky “Submit” button)
    • The main thing that kept me awake at night (until now) was that submit button. You know the one – at the bottom of the Snapshot page. You go through the questions for CARE, and instinctively hit submit,¬†even though the instructions at the top of the page tell you to complete all the tabs¬†before hitting Submit. If you fell victim to this (and there were lots of you!) it was my fault, not yours – it’s bad design.
    • It’s still there, but now it works as a Save button instead. If you do press it too soon, head back to the Snapshots page at and you’ll now see an edit button on the right hand side of each row. Woop woop. Click that and you can pick up where you left off. This means that you can now go and have lunch, deal with little Billy, or be early for that meeting, and finish off the Snapshot later.
    • Remember that if you’re doing a¬†new Snapshot, you head to¬†rather than edit an existing one.
  3. Algorithm tweaks
    • We have made our first tweak to the algorithm which works out what systems you should be working on with a given set of results. The Blocks to Learning now need to be lower before it’ll let you move on to Executive Functions. Special thanks to Helen Hann at Mount Charles in Cornwall for her help with this.
    • This won’t affect any programs you’ve already created, but if you have a Snapshot with results near the threshold you may have different suggestions if you create another Program from it.
  4. ACE and Protective Factors scores now in Participants screen
    • If you’ve added ACE or Protective Factor scores via the Participant Profile, they’ll now show up in their own columns in the Participants table. You can sort high/low with either.
  5. System Summaries
    • The circular chart on the Snapshot results page now shows System summaries instead of each system to give you a quick visual overview. We also use these summaries in Reporting.
  6. Twitter
    • We’re now on twitter. I don’t really get it yet, but how hard can it be?? Come say hi @motional_io
What we’re working on currently
  • GDPR compliance bits and bobs – especially Processor Agreements which you’ll all need to have with us.
  • Session Reports
  • Better printing. Currently everything¬†is printable, but it’s not particularly neat and tidy.
  • PDF versions of questions so you can do Snapshots offline.
  • Moving support articles inside Motional, adding videos and written walkthroughs.
  • Better jokes. Sorry if you’ve been affected by this!
  • A roadmap – so you can see what we’re working on, what’s coming next, and add your feature requests and thoughts.

That’s all for now folks, thanks again for being on this journey with us. We value each and every one of you wonderful human beings.