Measuring and Improving
Emotional Health and Well-being

The Starter and Micro Bundles are designed for people who look after or work with children, but generally, work by themselves. We’re thinking foster carers, adoptive parents, independent practitioners, counsellors, therapists, child psychologists and educational psychologists, but that’s not an exhaustive list. Feel free to ask us anything via the pink circle before you subscribe.

Some features of Motional aren’t available on this plan because you just won’t be working with enough children to warrant them – mostly around reports and averages across a whole school, sharing Snapshots and Participants between users, and other things like that.

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  • Price: £ 60.00 Quantity:
    Each one of these gives you 5 children
  • Price: £ 140.00 Quantity:
    Each of these bundles gives you 25 children
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