Measuring and Improving
Emotional Health and Well-being

Motional is a community of like-minded professionals who share an easy-to-use online tool for identifying, assessing, and improving the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people.  It is based on Professor Jaak Panksepp’s research on emotional systems in the brain and extensive research, studies and expertise in executive functional skills. It can record ACE and Protective Factor scores where required and gives staff a whole-brain picture of students' mental health and wellbeing.

Motional can be used by all staff across a setting, without the need for specific training.  However, in order to best support the development of a mentally healthy environment for children and young people, we strongly recommend that Motional is used alongside a ‘Whole School Approach’ to training in-line with Public Heath England’s (2008/9) and Ofsted’s Guidance (2019). This will be particularly important when working 1:1 with children and young people who have experienced childhood trauma.  We don’t deliver training ourselves but can help you to decide what you might like; Just drop us a line.

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We are 10000+ professionals working in 1100 teams who use Motional to support children and young people.

The Motional Process

1. Measure

Image of a horizontal bar chart showing results for different emotional systems in the brain

Motional’s Snapshot tool uses a series of questions to help adults better understand how well a child or young person is functioning in terms of their mental health and wellbeing. For speed and simplicity, we have created a quick Universal Snapshot for all children, undertaken either individually or as a group.

A Comprehensive Snapshot is also then available for individual children or young people who have been identified as needing a little more support and / or 1:1 intervention. The snapshots are based on the same fundamental underpinnings; The Universal Snapshot is simply a shorter version of the Comprehensive.

2. Change

Both levels of Snapshot allow you to create a Program of strategies and link with a wealth of practical activities known to support emotional development and to heal troubled children’s minds, brains, and ability to learn. The research base shows that these interventions can support children and teenagers who have mental health difficulties to go on to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Programs tie in with the well-developed models of practice such as PACE, but are not specific to any specific provider. Each Program includes guidance (with extra detail for Practitioners) in protecting and relating to children. This guidance is tailored to the child you work with based on the scores in the Snapshot

Each activity has a thorough description and step-by-step guide, together with key relationship-building approaches to help support and focus the impact this has on the child / young person or group.

Programs can be created for Individuals and Groups.

A Sample Activity

3. Progress

Motional’s Reporting function offers various ways to measure progress. This can be used to track change in an individual or group, and view results for particular subsets of children in your setting. This might be those with Pupil Premium funding, Autistic Spectrum Condition, or indeed Most Able.

You can view results from all Snapshots a child has from all users, including Universal, Comprehensive and where they're part of a class or group. Or you can separate results from different staff members out onto different lines to find situations or relationships in which the young person is struggling or thriving.

The Reporting tool is under constant development and new features are regularly added.

Feedback from our users

We’re really excited about the software and can already see how easily it can empower staff to deal with he needs of the children that they often find most challenging to help - you’ve done a great job of setting it up.

Sarah Robbins - Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School

I have just completed 2 new snapshots for 2 students I have been working with !! wooohoooo both show amazing results !!!!

Helen Wetton - Torpoint Community College

One of the best services I’ve ever used for helping children make sense of their world and regulate their behaviour.

Sally Smith – St Cleer Primary 2020

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